News -  January 17, 2019

The Pioneering Work of IAS Senior Visiting Fellow Professor Paul SCHIMMEL and IAS Senior Fellow Professor ZHANG Mingjie Leads to New Investigational Therapeutic for Lung Disease


A potential therapeutic and lead clinical candidate, ATYR1923, for patients suffering from pulmonary sarcoidosis (a rare form of fibrotic lung disease with no known cure), was discovered through the collaboration of researchers from HKUST and Pangu BioPharma, a Hong Kong subsidiary of aTyr Pharma, Inc. which was co-founded by IAS Senior Visiting Fellow Prof. Paul SCHIMMEL. IAS Senior Fellow and Kerry Holdings Professor of Science ZHANG Mingjie has been the project coordinator of the Pangu collaboration at HKUST. He believes the important discoveries exemplifies Hong Kong’s translational science and early discovery capabilities.

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