On Aug 5, IAS hosted its 1,500th event featuring IAS Professor-at-Large Harry Shum.

Aug 2022
Aug 2021 - Inaugural of IAS Center for Quantum Technologies

The IAS Center for Quantum Technologies was inaugurated in August. Together with the Center for Fundamental Physics, two research centers are under the auspice of IAS.

Aug 2021
Aug 2019 - Naming of Kaisa Group Lecture Theater

The IAS Lecture Theater was named Kaisa Group Lecture Theater in recognition of the generous donation received from the community in supporting HKUST’s research and education.

Aug 2019
Mar 2018 - Support of Music and SHSS functions

The IAS expanded support for music and Chinese literary activities alongside its frontier work in science and technology.

Mar 2018
Oct 2017 - Named Professorships

Three more IAS faculty were honored as named professors on Oct 27, making a league of six in the IAS community.

Oct 2017
Jan 2017 - New IAS Director Prof. Andrew Cohen

Prof. Andrew Cohen, a leading expert in the field of theoretical particle physics, assumed duty as Director of HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study.

Jan 2017
Dec 2014 - IAS 500th Events

On Dec 18, IAS held its 500th event – Distinguished Lecture given by Prof. Jeff Wu, IAS Visiting Professor.

Dec 2014
Nov 2013 - IAS Named Professionships

On Nov 27, IAS was officially named as HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study. The inauguration of three IAS named professorships took place on the same day.

Nov 2013
Jun 2013 - IAS Building Commerce

IAS moved to the Lo Ka Chung Building atop the Lee Shau Kee Campus on Jun 17.

Jun 2013
Jan 2011 - IAS Director - Prof. Henry Tye

Prof. Henry Tye, a distinguished physicist and cosmologist, was appointed as Director of the Institute for Advanced Study.

Jan 2011
2010 - Lee Shau Kee Campus

HKUST celebrated the commencement of construction for the Lee Shau Kee Campus, which comprises the Business Building and the Institute for Advanced Study.

May 2010
Jan 2009 - IAS-Princeton Partnership

HKUST became one of three universities in China that had entered into partnership with the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. IAS International Advisory Board members held the first meeting at HKUST in January.

Jan 2009
Nov 2007 - IAS-Scripps Lab Collaboration

HKUST launched IAS HKUST-Scripps R&D Laboratory in November to strengthen the collaborative advantage in cutting edge research projects between HK and US research institutions.

Nov 2007
Mar 2007 - Oversea donation to IAS

HKUST received the first oversea donation from the US based T. T. & W. F. Chao Foundation (US$ 2.6 million; approximately HK$ 20 million) for setting up an Endowed Chair Professorship for IAS.

Mar 2007
Jun 2006 - IAS Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Stephen Hawking

Prof. Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned scientist and cosmologist, delivered an inaugural lecture for the IAS on Jun 15.

Jun 2006
Jun 2006 - IAS Founding Director Prof. Paul Chu

IAS was established, with former HKUST President Prof. Paul Chu as the Founding Director. 

Jun 2006
2005 - Strategic Plan

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) was set as a key initiative in the HKUST Strategic Plan 2005-2020.


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