IAS Round Table Discussion

On the Principles of Parsimony and Self-Consistency for the Emergence of Intelligence

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In this talk, we propose a theoretical framework that sheds light on understanding deep networks within a bigger picture of Intelligence in general. We introduce two fundamental principles, Parsimony and Self-consistency, that address two fundamental questions regarding Intelligence: what to learn and how to learn, respectively. We believe the two principles are the cornerstones for the emergence of Intelligence, artificial or natural. While these two principles have rich classical roots, we argue that they can be stated anew in entirely measurable and computable ways. More specifically, the two principles lead to an effective and efficient computational framework, compressive closed-loop transcription, that unifies and explains the evolution of modern deep networks and many artificial intelligence practices. While we mainly use modeling of visual data as an example, we believe the two principles will unify understanding of broad families of autonomous intelligent systems and provide a framework for understanding the brain.





  • Andrew COHEN (IAS Director, IAS Professor and Lam Woo Foundation Professor)


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