Postdoctoral researches have been nurtured since IAS' inception
General Research Fund grants were awarded to IAS Junior Fellows
Publications contributed by IAS members since 2006
Projects received support from the Innovation and Technology Commission

Research Centers

IAS is a lively hub of research activity. It leads innovation and discovery-driven research. Research centers housed under the IAS include the Center for Fundamental Physics and the IAS Center for Quantum Technologies; fosters collaboration across disciplines between local, national and international researchers in high-impact areas.

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Call for Proposals

The IAS is a unique academic platform where great minds converge. It offers unparalleled opportunities for HKUST faculty members to bring in distinguished scholars from outside Hong Kong for various forms of academic activities:

  • IAS Sponsorship of Speakers of Distinguished Lectures
  • IAS Joint School Lectures/Seminars
  • Sponsorship of Plenary/Invited Speakers of Activities
  • IAS Visitors Program
  • IAS Programs

“Nowadays, major research breakthroughs almost always happen in the interdisciplinary areas. Collaboration with experts in other fields is a must for scientific progress.”

Prof. HO Chih-ming
IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

“The facilities that the IAS offers and its environment, are as close as one hopes to get to perfection for researchers and students wishing to learn.”

Prof. Christopher Pissarides
IAS Helmut & Anna Pao Sohmen Professor-at-Large; 2010 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

“Extending our current collaboration at HKUST, we are now exploring whether time reversal may bring some insight to quantum physics and cosmology.”

Prof. Mathias A. FINK
IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

“I believe there are no more one-man bands in today’s research. Fostering collaboration among specialties is a key to success.”

Prof. Chow Hei Man
IAS Junior Fellow (2015-2019); Awardee of 2017 L’Oreal Talent for Women in Science National Fellowship

“This is my third time coming to the Gordon Research Conferences held at the IAS. Collaborations often happen after people return to their home institutions and continue the discussion and exchange of ideas.”

Prof. Patrick Lee
William & Emma Rogers Professor of Physics; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

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