Research Insights - December 01, 2020

Q Matters - Harnessing the Quantum Power in Flux

Professors of Physics (Left) Prof. ZENG Bei, (Middle) Prof. Berthold JÄCK and (Right) Prof. Adrian PO Hoi-Chun shares the latest progress and applications of quantum science.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen people be consumed by the unstoppable hype of quantum and quantum computing, but only a few know that the exploitation of quantum phenomena, which was initiated in the 1950s, is not novel and has existed for 100 years. Quantum science, however, does seem esoteric because of the unsolved mysteries surrounding it. Even Albert EINSTEIN was once skeptical about quantum mechanics, particularly the physical properties of nature at the scale of atomic or subatomic particles or waves, stating that quantum entanglement was “spooky action at a distance.” In the Fall 2020 issue of IAS newsletter, a group of HKUST physicists shares their insights toward the state-of-the-art techniques in quantum science. 

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