Research Insights - September 01, 2014

The Exploration of Therapeutic Proteins

Prof. ZHANG Mingjie, IAS Senior Fellow and Kerry Holdings Professor of Science (Middle) and the IAS HKUST-Scripps researchers (From left: WANG Feng, Carol LAU, XU Zhiwen and Cario LO).
The IAS HKUST-Scripps R&D Laboratory is also led by Prof. Paul SCHIMMEL, IAS Visiting Professor and Ernest and Jean Hahn Professor of Molecular Biology and Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute.
The laboratory developed an aminoacyl tRNA synthetases (AARS) transcriptome enrichment method and used high throughput deep sequencing to comprehensively identify new AARS variants.

IAS HKUST - Scripps R&D Lab reveals its achievements in recent researches on therapeutic proteins, including a systematic methodology for discovery of novel naturally-occurring splice variants and characterization of their biological activities. In addition, it also highlights how scientific computation and "big data" come into play. 

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