Research Insights - June 10, 2021

A Leap Forward in Topology Study

The group illustrated the non-Abelian topological charges by a mathematical model.
In the experiment, a network consisting of 13 periods was also designed to characterize the non-Abelian topological charges.
Dr. GUO Qinghua (IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Physics at HKUST)

Topology has been an emerging study in the last few decades, notably with the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics being awarded to three physicists for their discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter. One of their important findings is that the change between two topological phases is characterized by integers which is called the Abelian charges. 

Recently, a research team involving Dr. GUO Qinghua, IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Physics at HKUST, has published a paper on Nature revealing a breakthrough in the observation of phase transitions. By building mathematical models, the team is the first that experimentally observed the non-Abelian topological charges in a time-reversal and inversion-symmetric transmission line network. Their work helps to open an new door in condensed matter physics and optical physics. 

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