Research Insights - September 01, 2017

Are Viruses Another Branch of Life?

IAS Senior Visiting Fellow Prof. Curtis SUTTLE was among the first researchers to investigate viruses as components of ecosystems.
The mortality imposed by viruses on marine life has consequent effects on the recycling of nutrients.

When we think of viruses, we may well think of sickness and disease. But viruses are much more than a cause of human illness. They are lifeforms that are essential to most living creatures, including all of us. Without viruses, no people on Earth would be able to survive. Many would be astonished that humans’ knowledge of viruses and their importance to maintaining life is rather recent. A few decades ago, even bacteria in the sea, let alone marine viruses, were hardly contemplated by scientists. Prof. Curtis SUTTLE, IAS Senior Visiting Fellow, shares his passion and researches on marine virology, i.e. the study of viruses in marine environments, and its importance to the entire ecosystem.

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