Research Insights - February 26, 2018

Targeting Senescence: Secrets to Postponing Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. CHOW Hei-man, Kim (IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Life Science, HKUST)

The world now has the largest population of elderly humans in its history. Age-related cognitive dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is becoming increasingly prevalent but no cure is currently available. AD is a major cause of patient disability that leads to significant psychological and economic burdens for patients’ families and has a significant public health impact. In China, for example, more than 7.4 million elderly adults live with age-related dementia. This population is expected to rise to 18 million by 2030 if no action is taken1. Figures from the United States show similar trends. Dr. CHOW Hei-man Kim, IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Life Science at HKUST, is eager to better understand this alarming situation and tackle the disease from non-traditional angles.

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