IAS-TRS Joint Symposium

Stem Cell-niche Interactions in Tissue Maintenance and Engineering

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The symposium's overall objective is to convene renowned stem cell scientists to exchange their latest breakthroughs and discoveries. It also seeks to facilitate the dissemination of information to diverse academic communities, promoting interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Additionally, a significant focus of our symposium is to foster interaction and encourage collaborations between local and international scientists.

We are honored to host esteemed international stem cell researchers, namely Prof. Allan SPRADLING (US), Prof. Leanne JONES (US), Prof. Takashi SHINOHARA (Japan), and Prof. Peter MA (US), who will share their exciting findings during their visit to HKUST. In addition, this symposium will also bring local well-known stem cell biologists to HKUST, such as Prof. Pentao LIU and Prof. Zhongjun ZHOU from The University of Hong Kong, and Prof. Huating WANG from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This presents a remarkable opportunity to bring together leading scientists in this field at our university for scientific discourse and collaborative endeavour.

In this symposium, we will cover many aspects of the study of stem cells including:

  • Stem cell-niche interactions

  • Stem cell self-renewal and lineage differentiation;

  • Stem cell aging;

  • Tissue engineering;

  • Stem cell therapy.



  • Ting XIE, HKUST



  • This workshop is free and open to the public. Prior registration is required.

  • Attendee should register for himself/herself only.

  • Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email by November 6, 2023.

  • No hourly parking or free parking will be provided to registrants.  Please take public transportation to HKUST.


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