IAS Focused Program

Scattering Amplitudes in Hong Kong


The past years have seen remarkable advances in our understanding of scattering amplitudes in gauge and gravity theories. Topics will include new perturbative approaches such as generalized unitarity, recursion relations, symbols, differential equations, twistor variables, integrability methods and the OPE, scattering equations, the amplituhedron and the positive Grassmannian, color-kinematics duality and gravity double-copy properties, among other topics. These ideas have led to substantial progress, not only in supersymmetric gauge and gravity theories, but also in our ability to perform difficult phenomenologically relevant calculations for LHC physics.

This will be the first major workshop in Asia devoted to recent advances in scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory. A primary goal is to introduce this topic to a new generation of young theorists in Asia. We plan to have some tutorial lectures for young people as well as talks on the latest exciting developments.

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