Past Events


IAS / School of Engineering Joint Lecture
Learning to Live with Geohazards – Reducing Risk, Protecting People
December 08, 2014
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Unprecedented Vision: From Quantum Dot to Silicon Imagers
December 05, 2014
IAS Conference
Entrepreneurship and Finance
December 04, 2014
IAS Distinguished Lecture
What if... the Stock Market Disappears?
December 04, 2014
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Algorithms for Large-scale Biophysical Data Analysis
December 03, 2014
School of Science and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture
Superresolution Fluorescence Microscopy: How to See Ten Times Clearer
November 27, 2014
IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing
China and Literature in Spiritual Realism
November 26, 2014
IAS / School of Science Joint Lecture
Adaptive Particle Filters: Theory and Applications
November 25, 2014

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