2016 International Conference

Organic Photovoltaic Materials and Devices


Organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells have attracted much research interests from both academia and industry during the past two decades. OPV is a promising solar cell technology that can be produced using low-cost printing techniques without involving high-temperature processes or hazardous materials. Successful development of OPV technology relies on collaborations between researchers with complementary expertise across disciplines in synthetic chemistry, device physics, and process engineering. This conference is intended to bring together an interdisciplinary group of chemists, physicists, material scientists, and device engineers to provide a forum to report on recent research findings, to identify technical obstacles and possible solutions, and to exchange new ideas on how to further advance OPV as a practical solar cell technology. This conference will cover topics including: 1) material design and synthesis for OPVs; 2) novel OPVs based on non-fullerene acceptors; 3) interfacial phenomena and photogeneration in OPV devices; 4) OPV lifetime and degradation mechanisms; and 5) device fabrication and process engineering.


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