IAS Program on Particle Theory

Open String Moduli and Multi-branched Potentials


In this talk, the speaker will consider type II string compactifications on Calabi-Yau orientifolds with fluxes and D-branes. He will also analyze the F-term scalar potential that simultaneously involves closed and open string modes by focusing on the cases of type IIA orientifolds with D6-branes and type IIB orientifolds with D7-branes. In type IIA models with D6-branes, the potential can be directly computed by integrating out the Minkowski three-forms showing therefore a multi-branched structure along the space of lifted open string moduli in which discrete shifts of brane moduli are compensated by changes in the RR flux quanta.

To obtain the correct form of the scalar potential, the speaker finds strong constraints on the Kähler potential implying some interesting no-scale relations obeyed by the Kähler metric. Importantly, the addition of open string moduli breaks the factorization between complex structure and Kähler moduli spaces. In conclusion, the speaker will discuss the mirror dual picture of type IIB flux compactifications with D7-brane Wilson lines.


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