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Computational Geomechanics

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Computer methods have become increasingly indispensable and powerful in addressing various challenges and creating new opportunities within geotechnical engineering. This symposium aims to bring together international and local leading scientists and scholars working on computational geomechanics for in-depth discussions, with the goal of advancing the frontier of computational geomechanics to address emerging challenges related to climate change and energy crises. Through this conference, we strive to generate far-reaching scientific ideas and perspectives that will shape the future of computational geomechanics and numerical modeling in geotechnics.

The conference will cover, but is not limited to, the following specific topics: (1) state-of-the-art computational methods in meso-scale and/or multi-scale modeling of saturated or unsaturated soils, based on discrete, continuum, or coupling methods; (2) emerging multi-scale modeling techniques developed to derive insights from meso- and multi-scale modeling, which will help in developing physically-based, rigorous continuum theories for granular media and address contingent engineering challenges, including large deformation, crushing, and multi-physics coupling; (3) recent advancements in discrete or coupled discrete-continuum modeling of granular media, including XFEM, mesh-free, MPM, SPH, Peridynamics, and others; (4) innovative multiscale experimental tools and technologies (including sensing technologies) for observing and characterizing the multiscale behaviors of granular soils; and (5) paradigm-shifting physics-based/informed machine learning simulations and modeling methodologies that integrate big data generated by experiments and computations with machine learning techniques for cross-scale understanding of granular soils.



  • Jidong ZHAO (Chair)

  • Charles W.W. NG (Co-Chair)

  • Limin ZHANG (Co-chair)

  • Zhenyu YIN (Co-chair)
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



  • K.C. Wong Education Foundation

  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, HKUST

  • Global Engagement and Communications Office, HKUST



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