IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing

"五四之後:當代人文的三個方向" -夏志清、李歐梵、劉再復"國際學術研討會




This year marks the centenary of the May Fourth Movement, which was not simply a political movement but also a cultural revolution vigilantly advocating the spirit of enlightenment, individualism, democracy, science, freedom of thought that had significant and far-reaching impacts upon Chinese culture and modernity. To commemorate this notable historical event, the HKUST IAS and HUMA will organize an important conference during May 9-10 to bring together a group of eminent academics, critics, and writers for a scholarly discussion on three tendencies that distinctively nourish the May Fourth spirit—obsession with China, dialogue with the world and exiling the Gods—respectively represented by three prominent Chinese intellectuals C. T. HSIA, Leo LEE Ou-fan, and LIU Zaifu. Sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping foundation, the conference will be co-hosted by Prof. David WANG Der-wei from Harvard University and Prof. LIU Jianmei from HKUST.

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