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Wheeler DeWitt States of a Charged AdS4 Black Hole


In this talk, the speaker will present a thorough investigation of the Wheeler-de Witt(WdW) equation within the framework of a Reissner-Nordström Anti-de Sitter (RN-AdS) black hole background and its relation to holographic renormalization flow. His team solves the Wheeler DeWitt equation for the planar Reissner-Nordström-AdS black hole in a minisuperspace approximation and construct semiclassical Wheeler DeWitt states from Gaussian wavepackets that are peaked on classical black hole interior solutions. Furthermore, towards the AdS boundary, the Wheeler DeWitt states are used to recover the Lorentzian partition function of the dual theory living on this boundary. This partition function is specified by an energy and a charge. Finally, the speaker’s team shows that the Wheeler DeWitt states know about the black hole thermodynamics, recovering the grand canonical thermodynamic potential after an appropriate averaging at the black hole horizon.


About the Speaker

Mr. Sirui NING is a theoretical physicist with a broad interest in various aspects of AdS/CFT. Currently the speaker is a DPhil student in University of Oxford supervised by Joseph CONLON. His work includes the exploration of black hole interior with Wheeler DeWitt states, the earliest paper of classfication of pole skipping points through covariant expansion near black hole horizon without fixing the gauge, a dictionary of holographic swampland with his supervisor Joseph Conlon, and pioneer exploration of quantum information properties during inflation process with Prof. Yi WANG's group. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in the School of gifted young, University of Science and Technology of China, followed by his Master of Advanced Study Degree in University of Cambridge. In Oxford, he is the Middle Common Room President of St Hughs College, and the Member of Senior Common Room in New College.


About the Program

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