AoE Symposium

Wave and Metamaterials


The ubiquitous presence of electromagnetic and acoustic waves means that their study dates back to the antiquities. Their diverse applications form the very pillars of modern technologies. About two decades ago, the incipient stage of a revolution began in this classic field, propelled by both theory and experiments, which demonstrate the feasibility of realizing man-made materials with wave manipulation functionalities beyond the defined limits of those found in nature. These "wave functional materials" include photonic/phononic crystals, metamaterials and plasmonic structures. In 2013, Hong Kong University Grants Committee funded an "Areas of Excellence (AoE) Scheme (Sixth Round)" entitled "Novel Wave Functional Materials for Manipulating Light and Sound". This project is a collaboration of 18 faculty members from five institutions in Hong Kong. The purpose of this workshop is for the AoE team members to report the progress of their work in these areas and interact with international experts.

This symposium is part of IAS Program on Wave Functional Materials.
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