IAS Center for Quantum Technologies Seminar Series

Quantum Technology, Quantum Simulations, and Precision Measurements with Ultracold Strontium


In the last two decades, quantum simulators based on ultracold atoms in optical lattices have successfully emulated strongly correlated condensed matter systems. With the recent development of quantum gas microscopes, these quantum simulators can now control and observe ultracold atoms with single-site resolution. Within the same time period, atomic clocks have also begun to use optical lattices to trap alkaline earth metal atoms such as Sr, and they now interrogate the Sr optical qubit with precision and accuracy at the 1e-18 level.

In this talk, the speaker will report on a new quantum simulator that combines quantum gas microscopy with optical lattice clock technology. He traps ultracold Sr atoms in large-mode-volume and highly state-dependent optical lattices to enable new kinds of quantum simulations that emulate strongly-coupled light-matter-interfaces in parameter regimes that are unattainable in real photonic systems. Furthermore, his Quantum Technologies open up new possibilities for neutral-atom quantum computers and optical lattice clocks.

As stepping stones towards these goals, he will report on:

(1) The most precise measurement of a tune-out wavelength to date which allows manipulating the Sr optical qubit with a state-specificity of more than 4 orders of magnitude.

(2) A monolithic in-vacuum optical assembly with two crossed optical cavities. This device allows creating optical lattices with mode volumes ~1 mm³. Such large lattices allow scaling up the system size in quantum simulators, quantum computers, and optical lattice clocks by more than an order of magnitude, and they provide stable and robust atomic traps for transportable clocks and sensors.

(3) The first high-resolution spectroscopy on the ultranarrow 1S0-3P2 transition in neutral Sr. Using this transition, he will isolate a large, two-dimensional layer of qubits underneath his quantum gas microscope.


For Attendees' Attention:

This talk will be held online via Zoom. To join the talk online, please join the Zoom meeting at https://hkust.zoom.us/j/97034522300 (meeting ID: 970 3452 2300 / Passcode: 201894).


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