IAS Program on Particle Theory

Intrinsic Time Quantum Gravity


Quantum Gravity with intrinsic time development and momentric variables will be presented. Symmetries that characterize a free theory of quantum gravity will also be discussed. An underlying $SU(3)$ group structure at each spatial point regulates the theory. The intrinsic time behavior of the theory is analyzed, together with its ground state and primordial quantum fluctuations. Cotton-York potential dominates at early times when the universe was small; the ground state naturally resolves Penrose's Weyl Curvature Hypothesis, and thermodynamic and gravitational 'arrows of time' point in the same direction. Ricci scalar potential corresponding to Einstein's General Relativity emerges as a zero-point energy contribution.

A new set of fundamental commutation relations without Planck's constant emerges from the unification of Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics.

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