International Conference on Scientific Computing


Scientific computing is an active research field which has important applications to nearly every applied discipline such as engineering, physics, imaging, computer vision, computational biology, finance, and so on. Nowadays it has been well recognized as the third approach for doing science, complementing the other two traditional approaches, namely, theories and experiments. As the Pearl River Delta is developing into a high-tech industrial area, the need for scientific computing in Hong Kong will rise dramatically in the next decade. In this conference, top experts from all over the world will review recent developments and explore exciting new directions in the field. One of the aims of the conference is to promote scientific computing in Hong Kong by providing a forum for participants to exchange ideas and discuss their latest research achievements.

In Hong Kong, scientific computing has been developing rapidly in the last decade. Important researches are being carried out in different local institutions and Hong Kong has already received international reputation in the field. In particular, a world-renowned applied mathematician in Hong Kong, Prof Tony F. Chan, has made tremendous contributions to scientific computing throughout his career. Prof. Chan, the former Assistant Director of the US National Science Foundation and now the President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, had collaborated with many researchers in Hong Kong in the past 25 years. For this reason, another aim of the conference is to honor Prof. Chan at his 60th birthday for his contributions to the field and to Hong Kong.

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