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High-quality Axions in a Class of Chiral U(1) Gauge Theories


There are many candidates for the quintessence and/or the QCD axions in a class of chiral U(1) gauge theories. Their qualities are high enough to serve as the dark energy and/or to solve the strong CP problem. Interestingly, the high quality of axion is guaranteed by the gauged U(1) and Z_{2N} symmetries and hence free from the non-perturbative quantum gravity corrections. Furthermore, this mechanism can be easily applied to the Fuzzy dark matter axion scenarios.


About the Speaker

Dr. Qiu Yu-cheng graduated from Soochow University with his bachelor’s degree in 2017 followed by his PhD in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2022. Currently he holds a postdoctoral position at Tsung-Dao Lee Institute at Shanghai Jiaotong University. His research mainly focuses on particle theory and cosmology, with special interests in baryon-number violation, string compactification phenomenology, and cosmological tensions. Recently, he works on the axion quality problem.


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