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Gravitational Wave Lensing


Gravitational wave lensing is a new phenomenon in the lensing transient field. It can be used for the bright sirens study to measure the Hubble constant with very high accuracy. However, due to the long wave nature of GWs, its sky localization is poor. In this talk, the speaker will present a new method for identifying the GW multi-signals together with its host galaxy.


About the Speaker

Prof. HU Bin received his PhD in Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, in 2011. Then, he became a post-doc at Padova, Leiden and Barcelona. He was awarded with the Chinese National Youth Thousand Talents Fellow in 2016. His research interests include gravitational wave, lensing and cosmology. He participated several programs, such as AliCPT (for CMB), CSST (for weak lensing), J-pas (for galaxy clustering).


About the Program

For more information, please refer to the program website at http://iasprogram.ust.hk/particle_theory.


For Attendees' Attention

  • Seating is on a first come, first served basis.

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