HKUST Red Bird Visiting Scholars Lecture Series

Fundamentals of Satellite Communications and Integrated Terrestrial-Satellite Networks


Integrated terrestrial-satellite networks are the only means to provide truly ubiquitous geographic coverage and mobility. In addition, non-terrestrial networks, including satellites, are also critical to complement connectivity for mobile nodes (ships, airplanes, vehicles, and trains) and provide backhauling services to fixed or moving base stations and provide emergency response/disaster recovery communications. The speaker will use cases and discuss how to support massive-IoT, enhanced mobile broadband and high reliability and low latency communications by the integrated networks. This is followed by technical challenges for achieving integrated terrestrial-satellite networks using 5G new radio air interface as well as the solutions. It will also cover the LEO satellite constellation design, the virtualized network architecture, interference management and mobility management issues. and the future research directions and opportunities. 


About the Speaker

Prof. XIAO Pei is a Professor of Wireless Communications at the Institute for Communication Systems, home of 5GIC and 6GIC at the University of Surrey. He is the technical manager of 5GIC/6GIC, leading the research team in the new physical layer work area, and coordinating/supervising research activities across all the work areas. Prior to joining University of Surrey, Prof. Xiao worked at Newcastle University and Queen’s University Belfast. He also held positions at Nokia Networks in Finland. He has published extensively in the fields of communication theory, RF and antenna design, signal processing for wireless communications, and is an inventor on over 15 recent 5GIC patents addressing bottleneck problems in 5G systems.


For Attendees' Attention

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