Blue Water Green Environment for Smart Cities


Water is an important resource that is vital to all living creatures on Earth. The availability of clean water is the key to the development of human civilization and also the essential to sustain stable ecosystems. However, water problem is currently one of the most challenging issues in the world. On one hand, water shortage and water pollution are becoming serious day by day; on the other hand, the global climate change is exacerbating the water problems: for many areas, climate change is likely to increase water demand while shrinking water supplies, and for other areas, climate change brings increases in runoff, flooding and sea level rise, greatly reducing the water quality and damaging the water infrastructure and the environment. Under such background, the different fields of research in water and climate related topics must be closely integrated for better understandings of the problem and seeking for solutions.

This Workshop is the 2nd workshop for a collaborative workshop series on "Water Research for Sustainable Water Infrastructure and Climate Change", in the framework of the Strategic Partnership between The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong and Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany. The objective is to report the progresses in different fields of water researches in both TUM and HKUST, including the advances in "Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics", "New water supply and treatment systems", "Materials and Instruments", "Environmental Chemistry" as well as the "Biological and Ecological Responses to the Water Problems". Potential international collaborations between different research fields will also be discussed during the workshop.

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