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Biological Data Science, AI & Medicine (BAM Workshop)

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The primary objective of the program is to assemble leading scientists in the fields of computational biology, biomedical data science, and AI-driven medicine research. These experts will be given a platform to showcase their latest breakthroughs and discoveries, with the aim of promoting the dissemination of information to other academic communities and encouraging interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Additionally, the program places significant emphasis on facilitating interaction between local and international scientists, with the goal of stimulating productive collaborations between these experts.

The implementation of the IAS-focused BAM workshop is expected to yield significant benefits for both HKUST, Hong Kong's scientific community, and the overall reputation of the region in the field. By bringing together top computational biology and AI experts from across the globe, the program will foster open and extensive discussion on current knowledge and future advancements in the field. Moreover, the program will facilitate the establishment of connections among researchers. It is expected that the conference will attract around 100 participants from not only HKUST but also other universities in Hong Kong, providing a unique opportunity for faculty and students in the region to engage with world-renowned experts.



  • Jiguang WANG, HKUST (Chair)




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